LabelNest provides a robust and scalable technology that is meant to last with a mean time to failure of 25 years. Deployed in some of the largest hypermarkets around the world, LabelNest can cater to your store whether it stocks 500 items or 500,000 items. LabelNest developed a complete system solution to simplify your store operations such as placing and removing tags to guide and support staff on operational tasks.


  • SKU Sales Conversion

    Identify the product market response through the number of consumers engaging with each product.

  • Dynamic Pricing

    Change price quickly and reliably to adapt your pricing strategies to meet demands.

  • Product Way-finding

    Integrate ESL tags with an external application to offer way-finding to locate the products in the store.

Electronic Shelf Labelâ„¢

LabelNest is an electronic shelf label system displayed on the shelf edge of stores to replace traditional paper price label.

  • High speed RF transmission
  • Integrated label management software
  • Real time synchronisation of price and content management
  • Encrypted data transfer

Analytics Managerâ„¢

Enable users to manage the digital contents and view analytics of different units from a central location.

  • Price Management

    Automate price synchronisation to enable staff to react to store price quickly

  • Regulate Stock Levels

    Display inventory information like stock level in real time

  • Automation IoT

    Integrate with people counters and digital signage for more data insights

How to install Electronic Shelf Label

Pricing Update

Automated Product Positioning